Protection Island is the private retreat studio of music maker Jonathan Anderson. It’s a musicians toy box of unusual vintage instruments and recording gear with a cozy cottage on the property for artists to stay in. Located in the outskirts of Maple Ridge, BC, it is approximately 1 hour from Vancouver and close to lots of pristine […]

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Once upon a time, I created a podcast called “Jonathan’s Party”. I had always dreamed of having my own radio show to force my favorite music down other peoples ears – I was younger so go easy on me. I still had pretty good taste in music though. Hope you enjoy. Some of the artists […]

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studio main room acoustic treatment designed by John Brandt.  hvac designed by Tim Runzer @ Spirit Sound Designs. studio built by a small army of great friends, musicians, and carpenters.

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I think that I am drawn to recording because of it’s endless possibilities. It’s a moving target and that keeps it interesting. Any new combination of people and ideas will yield different results. Also, repetition is boring so I am always looking to doing new things or at least work in new ways. The idea of […]

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music maker.

I do play a bunch of instruments and have written, recorded and produced a bunch of my own albums so I frequently collaborate with different artists and songwriters and love to contribute musically with my playing where that makes sense. There have been a bunch of albums where a solo artist and I played pretty much everything. That’s […]

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